• Choosing the Proper School Vinyl Banners

    Choosing banner for school is, obviously, not a difficult task that requires a lot of your effort. Though, knowing more about banners would certainly help you to obtain a banner which last relatively long and serve your purpose sensibly. What is more! None of us want to spend our money on any worthless stuff! Study […]


Top 10 School Banners Ideas


e99ac2bf-0374-4d05-a108-5675fd88c9d6School banners work great to motivate students and to promote traditions. However, it’s important to consider that they are meant to be used outdoors, therefore, it’s essential to choose the appropriate material. Vinyl will be your best shot. Vinyl banners last longer and are waterproof and fade resistant.

There are many popular alternatives in how to use this powerful tool to promote school events or just to boost school pride. For example:

1. To welcome students back to school or School’s Open House.
2. Announcing or reminding the school Mission statement.
3. Celebrating the School Anniversary.
4. To promote parent involvement, like “Join the PTO” for example.
5. To emphasize an achievement: For example if the school was rewarded as a distinguished school or improved score tests.
6. Sport and Spirit Pride – Be sure to include the name, color and mascot of the school and your spirit slogan as well.
7. Promoting team spirit: Like “Attitude is everything” or “Bring it On!”
8. To advertise the Homecoming or Prom dance or a special banner for your Graduation Party.
9. To inform about the After School program.
10. To promote academic integrity: “Cheating is Lying” “Cheating is Wrong”.

As well as for any advertising piece, design is key. A well designed school banner will grab the attention of everybody, moreover, considering that these banners target kids and teenagers it would be fantastic for your banner design to be kind of “cool”. The right selection of colors and a smart and catchy slogan can help. Another option is to have the students involve in the design process, maybe the school can ask students to submit their ideas or do a contest where the more creative idea wins.

By displaying your message in a banner you’re making it more visual and sometimes an image or a graphic sells more than a hundred of words, that’s one of the reasons why school banners are so effective.


School Banners To Motivate Students and To Promote School Spirit


High-School-BannersSchools are always on the lookout for ways to motivate students, pass along positive messages, and create the colorful and welcoming environment that their students deserve.

Adding custom banners is a great way to brighten up even older buildings, and banners made of sturdy vinyl can be used indoors or out. Not only do school banners add color and style, they can also help absorb sound to reduce noisy echoing, especially in large areas such as cafeterias, gyms, and auditoriums.

Adding school banners is the perfect way to show your school spirit, and there are many types available for every application from the front hall to the gym wall!

• Back to School- School banners are the ideal way to welcome your students back to school in style. Seeing colorful vinyl banners as they enter your school will instantly give students a dose of school spirit to start the year of right. You can have your banner custom made at your specifications and include the school logo or a favorite saying, or you can purchase predesigned versions that can be used in elementary, middle, or high schools. Consider adding a motto or saying that is important for your school and motivational to students, and these banners will be used year after year as students look forward to starting the year off right.

• Directional- Vinyl banners are the perfect way to direct traffic around school events. Whether you need a banner to point parents or students to orientation meetings or want to clearly mark where certain daily events are occurring, school banners can help you point students in the right direction. Use a directional banner with your school slogan and logo and the sign becomes part direction and part decoration.

• Informational- Got a big event coming up? Custom vinyl banners are the perfect way to keep students and the public involved. Whether it is an annual event such as a school dance, fundraiser, book fair, or charity event, you will gain attention to your event with a vinyl banner. You can even order school banners that feature changeable Velcro dates so you can add the date each year.

• Motivational- Keeping your students motivated to create a positive learning environment is one of the most important things that you can do. Many educators have put a lot of effort into developing slogans or coming up with motivational messages that help to keep students excited about learning, and school banners serve as a constant reminder of those messages. You can order banners with a custom message that you develop on your own, or pick from a large selection of pre-designed messages that you can change throughout the year.

• Sporty- Custom banners hung in gyms are the best way to recognize the achievements of teams and athletes at your school as well as creating the type of environment that fosters healthy competition between schools and encourages teamwork. Hang custom vinyl banners on the wall of your gym to remind students of your schools traditions and keep school spirit strong.